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Engineering the future of targeting NK-cell therapy against cancer

NKILT Therapeutics is a new cell therapy biotech developing a novel approach to engineering immune cells, starting with natural killer (NK) cells, to directly target leukemias and solid tumors.

Our Vision

Creating innovative therapies utilizing a unique natural target and our proprietary binding technology

Bring the concept of natural receptors to cell therapy

Begin with a focus on cancer patients with refractory leukemias and solid tumors

Build a broad, off-the-shelf therapy that is scalable, accessible, and cost-effective

Contribute to next-generation cell therapy platforms with our novel and proprietary Chimeric ILT-Receptor (CIR) binding technology

Launch in the clinic our first allogeneic, gene-modified CIR-NK cells, targeting the powerful and broadly expressed immune checkpoint molecule HLA-G in the tumor itself and in the tumor microenvironment (TME)


Making next-generation cell therapy available to more cancer patients

Harness novel technology to meet an urgent need for leukemia and solid tumor cell therapies, reaching more cancer patients with new accessible, cost-effective treatment options.

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Novel techniques and research breakthroughs happen only through the efforts of a dedicated team. Meet the people who make NKILT exceptional.

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